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Natural Moments

Natural moments are those moments we encounter everyday during life.   We don ‘t have to create them to connect.   They are part of our routines, schedules and work.  If connecting happens by purpose then we look for natural moments.  Some natural moments are:  Moments of passing,  Moments of gathering,  Moments of work, Moments of play.

Moments of Passing: These are the times we are in motion.   We are moving to and fro,   It’s in  these moments that we are often distracted, preoccupied full of and forgets who is around us.

What do we do in these Moments of Passing?

Turn off the noise,  do a high five, ask open ended questions, look into each others eyes,  share a thought, give a complement,  sing a song,  tell a joke get rowdy, use non verbal language,  be silent.  ….

If you are a single parent, make the phone call, write the extra note, even if your child get them till they see you. Keep your notes in a special place.  Mark days on them for the next week.

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