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My name is J. Michael Simpson.

Help Thru Parenting is a site designed to bring daily encouragements, support and interaction.   I been a parent over 29 years and have four grandchildren (one is still in the oven, but everybody counts).      My passion has always been marriage and family (see HelpThruMarriage).    I believe that relationships are the purpose of life, starting with our spiritual one.

These topics are designed to be short and sweet.  I’ve been doing counseling and consulting for the last 30 years.   I’m a firm believer that the most beneficial information is in small bites that we can implement now, practice and refine.    There is a scripture that says remind everyone these things daily.
I play music (or try to).   I learned a valuable lesson  about music and life from a poster in a community music center where kids take lessons.  It said “touch your violin every day”.    Along with that saying  I would add another that says “practice make permanent”.  When I just practice these skills day I grow quickly.

Parenting works the same way.  Even  if you grew up in a reasonably healthy family you need to refine and develop your parenting skills.  The task changes daily.    Parenting takes purposing.   As we are capturing these moments and opportunities with the right thinking and actions,  we are sewing seed for emotional, mental , physical and spiritual strength.    Just do what you need to do today…  and the yesterdays and tomorrows will take care of themselves.

In the blogs you will find a topics that will become part of themes (as I add to the list)  My eventual goal is to publish a daily parent booklet with these themes and topics.
Please send your feedback and engage in the blog.

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I have over 30  years experience and a broad background in the people helping business.  I have participated  in the counseling and  learning and of thousands of people over the last 30 years in many settings including: residential, outpatient counseling, and the home.   I have developed and conducted a significant amount of trainings. I have supervised and trained both large and small groups of professionals and lay workers including:    counselors , educators, corrections, churches and many others.

It is blessing  to give direction, support, coaching and consultation to individuals, marriages/families/children, and relationships.  Together we can learn about life.  Dealing with stress , problems, addictions,  loss,  grief marriage and family and more.

I provide seminars, training and retreats for:

  • Marriages/ family/ children and parenting.
  • Individual support
  • Addictive/ compulsive/(worse than I like problems.
  • Peer counseling for others who desire to be people/peer helpers.
  • Recovery ministry

Credentials/ Education/Qualifications/Experience

MA Marriage and Family Therapy, Antioch University

LICDC,  Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor

BA Ministry, Abilene Christian University
30 Yrs in Ministry

With Grandson CalebPersonally

Susan and I have been married 30 years. My wife and I both came from families that had difficulties. We have two children and four  grand children (Elliot Keith is still on the way).  We have had the privilege of walking through life with many people.  We spend a lot of time at Sugartree Ministry in Wilmington, Ohio.

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