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Help Thru Parenting is a site designed to bring encouragement, support and interaction.   The Posts  will cover a host of topics regarding the daily life and learning of parents.  The goal is: short and sweet, useful now, and practical.   I will sometimes include the research and therapeutic intervention behind the thoughts and actions.    There will be articles and links to other sites, ideas books etc.   Help Thru Parenting is part the HelpThru Life series.   These sites are still in their beginning so please be patient.   Other HelpThru  sites include:  HelpThru Marriage, and  HelpThru Recovery.    There will be more.  I offer personal and online consulting or mentoring to individuals, relationships and families.  Your can read more about myself and background at HelpThru Life.  You will also find my contact information there.

The HelpThru series will have other contributing writers and or links.  If you have ideas, suggestions or input  please contact me.

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  1. Felicia says:

    Good job Mike. I like the short,sweet and to the point approach. The site is easy to navigate and clear in it’s presentation. I am sure God is excited to see you finding another avenue to share His truths. You are a great pouring out vessel. Keep on keeping on!

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