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Generational Patterns

Everyone carries generational (even if you were not raised in a
family)  patterns which is shown by how we think, feel,  react, view life and relationships.  The previous generation can teach children  how to feel and perceive life from their experience without the children ever having lived in the same context.   Learning to feel a certain way without ever having the same experiences as the parents is part of the way families are connected.   Ideas and beliefs are caught more that taught.  Listening to conversations, hearing stories about our families from the past, parents sharing their hopes and dreams all impact the way a child inculcates a system of thinking; often times children are unaware it is being absorbed into their being.

These thinking systems can be called patterns, curses, or blessings.
Whatever they are, they’re real and impact our lives.      Its how I hang my coat up (or
don’t hang it up), it’s how I learn to handle pain, laugh, cry or listen.   It’s what’s fun,
serious, or how reality is perceived.   My Master’s thesis focused on trans generational
patterns.   If you do a family tree, you can follow distinct patterns of relationships,
functional and dysfunctional. Roots grow deep and as the patterns reinforce themselves through repetition…  The solution, get outside feedback through friends, professional or others.

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