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Natural Moments
Siezing The Moment

Do It Now !  Now is the opportunity.   The door’ been opened with the topic:  time, situation, people, places, things, playgrounds, context, season, and on and on…  you’ll only skate when there’s ice, you’ll never have now again.   These are the windows we wait for,,, pray for. It’s the teaching moment, the time […]

Moments Of Gathering

Moments of gathering are when people are already gathered.   Every family should eat together at a table looking at each other regularly in some type of manner.  If this is something new then make a plan and work towards it.  Use these times as opportunities: Have some types of sharing at this time.. sharing the […]

The 16 Most Important Minutes A Day !

If  you could value  moments of time that have a higher impact,  focus on 16  minutes broken into four segments.    Everything usually works best when it has a beginning, middle and end. including relationships.   These four minute segments in the day reinforce the presence and significance of a relationship.  They set  the staging […]