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The 16 Most Important Minutes A Day !

If  you could value  moments of time that have a higher impact,  focus on 16  minutes broken into four segments.    Everything usually works best when it has a beginning, middle and end. including relationships.   These four minute segments in the day reinforce the presence and significance of a relationship.  They set  the staging and tone that create a frame for a relationship.     They have the power to bring peace or turmoil.

First Four minutes of the day…  When you become aware of each other, how you start.  Every day is an opportunity to start fresh.   The first four minutes reinforce these.

Second Four minutes of the day…  When you separate for the day.    These are the moments when we recognize and acknowledge that the relationship is important…  knowing  every  goodbye is significant.

The Third Most Important minutes of the day.   The four minutes when you come back together.   Recognizing the value we have in each other.   It’s a mini celebration of thanks… recognizing the value of the relationship and roles.

The Final Four minutes of the day.… This is the closure,, its finishing well.

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