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Generational Patterns

Everyone carries generational (even if you were not raised in a family)  patterns which is shown by how we think, feel,  react, view life and relationships.  The previous generation can teach children  how to feel and perceive life from their experience without the children ever having lived in the same context.   Learning to feel […]

Kids Predicting Us

Who watches who the most?  After working in residential programs for years I can tell you that the “watchers are often the watched”.   If some one controls my life I’m sure gona to keep an eye on them.   We often see kids as not paying attention but actually they see the things that […]

I Thought I Told You To..

This is that moment when everything you have said or done before seems to have never happened.     …We’ve been through this… I’ve explained this before….  Didn’t you hear me tell you???…  If I have to tell you this one more time.  Are ya deaf child? You begin to wonder if you or your child has […]