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I Thought I Told You To..

This is that moment when everything you have said or done before seems to have never happened.     …We’ve been through this… I’ve explained this before….  Didn’t you hear me tell you???…  If I have to tell you this one more time.  Are ya deaf child?

You begin to wonder if you or your child has lost their minds.  Take heart.. your child is doing a time experiment.   Does the reality of ten minutes ago hold true now?     It’s the folly bound within them.  This is  good parent training.

You can usually tell when the parent has been “trained”.   They say these lines and ask these questions in the first paragraph with such proficiency, practice, and finesse.    The child has had them rehearse it over and over. (Are you smiling at yourself yet,?  Laugh and be thankful you have such an intelligent child).

It,s the opportunity for you to teach them the principles of of re enforcement.   Good character will be true now, ten minutes from now…ten years from now.

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