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Moments of Play

Play can be almost all the time if I look for ways to enjoy and make things fun including work.   it’s an attitude o your mind.   It a taking    every moment if you look for both long and short term enjoyment.   Can I The first of several natural moments is:   […]

Siezing The Moment

Do It Now !  Now is the opportunity.   The door’ been opened with the topic:  time, situation, people, places, things, playgrounds, context, season, and on and on…  you’ll only skate when there’s ice, you’ll never have now again.   These are the windows we wait for,,, pray for. It’s the teaching moment, the time […]

The 16 Most Important Minutes A Day !

If  you could value  moments of time that have a higher impact,  focus on 16  minutes broken into four segments.    Everything usually works best when it has a beginning, middle and end. including relationships.   These four minute segments in the day reinforce the presence and significance of a relationship.  They set  the staging […]

Natural Moments

Natural moments are those moments we encounter everyday during life.   We don ‘t have to create them to connect.   They are part of our routines, schedules and work.  If connecting happens by purpose then we look for natural moments.  Some natural moments are:  Moments of passing,  Moments of gathering,  Moments of work, Moments of play. […]