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Standing Firm
Analysis Of A Tantrum

What is a tantrum?  No I don’t mean the emotional demands and feelings.   What is it at its basics.  …  It’s noise,  loud, obnoxious, dramatic.   It’s water, tears, spit and occasionally other messy reactions.  It’s movement, ecstatic, impulsive, and erratic.   That’s it! Can we handle this?  Is this really that big?  Why are we […]

I Thought I Told You To..

This is that moment when everything you have said or done before seems to have never happened.     …We’ve been through this… I’ve explained this before….  Didn’t you hear me tell you???…  If I have to tell you this one more time.  Are ya deaf child? You begin to wonder if you or your child has […]

The Discipline Decision Tree

How do I decide what type action and or consequence is the next step… by the ability of the child to make a choice.     If a child can make choices then s/he can also be held accountable for the choices they make.    This may start with compliance to redirection.   How do you know when the […]