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Analysis Of A Tantrum

What is a tantrum?  No I don’t mean the emotional demands and feelings.   What is it at its basics.  …  It’s noise,  loud, obnoxious, dramatic.   It’s water, tears, spit and occasionally other messy reactions.  It’s movement, ecstatic, impulsive, and erratic.   That’s it!

Can we handle this?  Is this really that big?  Why are we as parents so caught up into the drama?    Why do we all of a sudden start looking for the life long psychological impacts?     It’s a little person who is out of control of themselves.   So what do we do?

We separate the child from the crowd.  We isolate them.  We gently and firmly hold them and smile.  We can gently hold our hand over their little mouths until they stop screaming. We talk softly to them.  We don’t give in because we are the big people and know that rewarding the tantrum is bad for the child.  They’ll live!   It’ll be OK!  Keep it Simple! See Taming a Tantrum

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