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Moments of Play

Play can be almost all the time if I look for ways to enjoy and make things fun including work.   it’s an attitude o your mind.   It a taking    every moment if you look for both long and short term enjoyment.   Can I The first of several natural moments is:   […]

Generational Patterns

Everyone carries generational (even if you were not raised in a family)  patterns which is shown by how we think, feel,  react, view life and relationships.  The previous generation can teach children  how to feel and perceive life from their experience without the children ever having lived in the same context.   Learning to feel […]

Siezing The Moment

Do It Now !  Now is the opportunity.   The door’ been opened with the topic:  time, situation, people, places, things, playgrounds, context, season, and on and on…  you’ll only skate when there’s ice, you’ll never have now again.   These are the windows we wait for,,, pray for. It’s the teaching moment, the time […]

Moments Of Gathering

Moments of gathering are when people are already gathered.   Every family should eat together at a table looking at each other regularly in some type of manner.  If this is something new then make a plan and work towards it.  Use these times as opportunities: Have some types of sharing at this time.. sharing the […]

Kids Being Us

When I say Kids being us I am not saying they don’t have choices, I ‘m saying they are absorbing and responding to what they experience.  In another  post I wrote about “Who watches who the most”?  (kid Predicting Us)  that describes more about kids observing us. I think that kids not only learn our […]

Kids Predicting Us

Who watches who the most?  After working in residential programs for years I can tell you that the “watchers are often the watched”.   If some one controls my life I’m sure gona to keep an eye on them.   We often see kids as not paying attention but actually they see the things that […]

Blind Spots

Everyone has blind spots!  They start with beliefs, personality types,  generational  patterns, and /or character problems.   They often hide behind a strength or a fear.      I’m straight forward, but don’t realize  bluntness hurts others who may have different personality styles or wounds than me.   I’m fearful about an aspect of my child […]

Perspective Change

Is the glass half empty or half full?  In all of my years working as a supervisor for treatment programs I have seen one thing consistently.   The clients change easier than the staff.  When the staff changes their perspective, often the clients act and think differently.   When I see my staffs’ potential they eventually rise […]

Perspectives Change

Is the glass half empty or half full?  In all of my years working as a supervisor for treatment programs I have seen one thing consistently.   The clients change easier than the staff.  When the staff changes their perspective, often the clients act and think differently.   When I see my staffs’ potential they eventually rise […]

Analysis Of A Tantrum

What is a tantrum?  No I don’t mean the emotional demands and feelings.   What is it at its basics.  …  It’s noise,  loud, obnoxious, dramatic.   It’s water, tears, spit and occasionally other messy reactions.  It’s movement, ecstatic, impulsive, and erratic.   That’s it! Can we handle this?  Is this really that big?  Why are we […]

Reflective Listening

This is one of the most powerful tools in life and in parenting.   If we use this one everyday, our lives will become much simpler and easier.   It will clarify the past,  make the right what’s happening now, and guarantee the best for tomorrow. What is reflective listening?  It is simply assuring the child that […]

Re Enforcers

Re Enforcers are the rewards and consequences that go with choices.    It’s the  fire and carrot theory.   Make  the right choice and get the carrot.. choose the wrong thing and get ……  “Youch!!” It’s important to use the right re enforcer.   You and your child should know when consequences are fair or in line, reasonable. […]

The Problem Should Offer The Solution!

Keep it simple!   The problem most of the time will suggest a solution.  For instance, If the problem is a child’s back talk then the solution is communication with respect.    If the problem is disobedience then solution is training and discipline.  If the problem is irresponsibility, the solution is a responsibility with accountability including consequences. […]

Listening to Be Heard

If I want to be heard then I need to be a listener.  I can usually cool the worst hot heads if I can assure them they have been listened to. A child who has the temperament of a “hot head”  can learn to manage their anger more easily if they receive a sense of […]

The End, Middle and Beginning

“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey).   All things work best with a beginning, middle, and end.  It’s usually the end we remember the most.  You know it by the silence, yelling, anger, and frustration.  Unresolved issues typically progress into something bigger than a moment.  Frustration leads to  isolation which then may lead […]

Clues of Laxness In Your Parenting

How do you know when your parenting style, beliefs, and or system is too lax? The exasperation of other people around your kids, the looks, others backing off, rationalization of others not liking your kids, anger, making excuses for your kids. Accidents keep happening, people hurt, things broken that should not be broken.  You say, […]

Moments of Work

It’s when you you make your home function. Everyone..everyone.. should contribute.. it’s about the participation not always about how much work everyone every person does. It’s about how teaching ethics and values in the simplelist form. The first of several natural moments is:   are   Some examples of natural moments are:  moments are passing, when […]

The 16 Most Important Minutes A Day !

If  you could value  moments of time that have a higher impact,  focus on 16  minutes broken into four segments.    Everything usually works best when it has a beginning, middle and end. including relationships.   These four minute segments in the day reinforce the presence and significance of a relationship.  They set  the staging […]

Natural Moments

Natural moments are those moments we encounter everyday during life.   We don ‘t have to create them to connect.   They are part of our routines, schedules and work.  If connecting happens by purpose then we look for natural moments.  Some natural moments are:  Moments of passing,  Moments of gathering,  Moments of work, Moments of play. […]

Todays Topic: Connecting

Parenting is about connecting. Connecting to the next generation and modeling how to connect is what healthy parenting is all about.    Most everyone wants to connect.   Kids want and need to connect to you even when they don’t act like it.  Today there will be many opportunities to connect.  We can just be together and […]

What Is HelpThru Parenting

Help Thru Parenting is a site designed to bring encouragement, support and interaction.   The Posts  will cover a host of topics regarding the daily life and learning of parents.  The goal is: short and sweet, useful now, and practical.   I will sometimes include the research and therapeutic intervention behind the thoughts and actions.    There […]