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Generational Patterns

Everyone carries generational (even if you were not raised in a family)  patterns which is shown by how we think, feel,  react, view life and relationships.  The previous generation can teach children  how to feel and perceive life from their experience without the children ever having lived in the same context.   Learning to feel […]

Acting “as if”..

Acting “as if” has the power to make or break the future.   When I believe the worst, I act “as if” the worst will happen.  I set up the cycle.   It’s about breaking patterns.   When I do relationship consultation I am usually focusing on the patterns. Parents get into patterns of how they respond or rather react. […]

The End, Middle and Beginning

“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey).   All things work best with a beginning, middle, and end.  It’s usually the end we remember the most.  You know it by the silence, yelling, anger, and frustration.  Unresolved issues typically progress into something bigger than a moment.  Frustration leads to  isolation which then may lead […]

Clues of Laxness In Your Parenting

How do you know when your parenting style, beliefs, and or system is too lax? The exasperation of other people around your kids, the looks, others backing off, rationalization of others not liking your kids, anger, making excuses for your kids. Accidents keep happening, people hurt, things broken that should not be broken.  You say, […]

What Do I Discipline ?

If discipline means train….and all training is meant to bring safety, maturity, respect, wisdom, order, …..  then discipline is an issue of the child’s need and or ability.   For a starter If a directive is given and the child is unwilling to comply then training/ discipline is in order.     If I told my kiddo to sit down then that […]