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Blind Spots

Everyone has blind spots!  They start with beliefs, personality types,  generational  patterns, and /or character problems.   They often hide behind a strength or a fear.      I’m straight forward, but don’t realize  bluntness hurts others who may have different personality styles or wounds than me.   I’m fearful about an aspect of my child and or parenting so I overcompensate.   (see Fear Based Parenting)  I’ve  consciously or subconsciously  taken an inner oath to never by like my parent(s) who  were harsh, passive, intolerant, detached,  etc so I do the opposite to an unhealthy level.  I want my child be successful.

Blind spots don’t have to be damaging.   The parent simply needs to know that they exist.  It is amazing how much we live life out of  “reaction”   Kids and other people can handle your blind spots if there’s genuine humility when blind spots are addressed.    If I know I have a blind spot(s) live humbly and listen to the truth of how I impact others even when I can’t easily see it or want to face it.

How do I find a blind spot?   Being willing to believe that you along with everyone else has them.

Second comes  the  listening the the cues.  Usually if a person or child can be honest (in a respectful tone) they will let you know.

Talk openly about how everyone has blind spots.   Parenting discussions are  often”off limits”  for others to  about.  If your are sincere you will ask.  Ask what people notice or a safer way to open a discussion is to ask another parent how they handle a situation.

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