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Acting “as if”..

Acting “as if” has the power to make or break the future.   When I believe the worst, I act “as if” the worst will happen.  I set up the cycle.   It’s about breaking patterns.   When I do relationship consultation I am usually focusing on the patterns. Parents get into patterns of how they respond or rather react.  If you’re getting frustrated that’s a sign reacting.    Of course this may mean I need help.

If your solution and interventions are not working.   Acting ”as if” doesn’t mean I stay in denial.  It means I will do anything it takes to grow, learn, and mature as a parent.  If I struggle with being hopeless or negative then I need to deal with me.  A lot of kids in the great depression didn’t even know one was going on.  Their parents acted “as if” this is just how you live life and still enjoy the day.

Application:  Act “as if” this day can end well.  Act “as if” there is a solution.  Act “as if” my child will get over the consequence of their choices.   Act “as if” it’s possible to solve this problem.  Believe in the future.   Act “as if” there is hope.  The emotions oftentimes end up agreeing with our motions when we act “as if”.  Fake it till you make it!

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