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What Do I Discipline ?

If discipline means train….and all training is meant to bring safety, maturity, respect, wisdom, order, …..  then discipline is an issue of the child’s need and or ability.   For a starter If a directive is given and the child is unwilling to comply then training/ discipline is in order.     If I told my kiddo to sit down then that is a directive.   It doesn’t mean I explain, beg, bribe, complain, and or become exasperated.  It means the child should have complied.   I need to take some type of action (immediate is better) that assists the child to understand that disobedience is not an option.  The intervention will only do what is needed to assist the child.  If a look works then that is enough.   If I must hold the child gently but firmly to gain willingness to comply then that is the action that should happen.

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