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Clues of Laxness In Your Parenting

How do you know when your parenting style, beliefs, and or system is too lax?

The exasperation of other people around your kids, the looks, others backing off, rationalization of others not liking your kids, anger, making excuses for your kids.

Accidents keep happening, people hurt, things broken that should not be broken.  You say, “Wwheww!!! that was a close one,”  too many times,  Your frustration and anger stays at a higher level.

What is the standard? Young children can learn to act appropriately, have manners, look at people, use utensils,  sit reasonably still or in a contained area without constant intervention,  no talk back, no tantrums, repeat back what you say…  when they are no longer cute, you’ll be especially glad you tried to be consistent with your parental responses and expectations.

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