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Reflective Listening

This is one of the most powerful tools in life and in parenting.   If we use this one everyday, our lives will become much simpler and easier.   It will clarify the past,  make the right what’s happening now, and guarantee the best for tomorrow.

What is reflective listening?  It is simply assuring the child that you understand what they are feeling and thinking.  It’s best when the child is calm before you initiate this process of repeating what they’re saying.  Wow, there’s something magical about being understood.  Once someone is certain they are heard and understood, they visibly relax.

Let’s not be guilty of our children saying, “You never listen!”   Proverbs says at all costs, get understanding…….understanding the child’s thoughts and feelings helps a parent know how to speak into their children’s lives and respond to their needs.   Understanding heals and opens a child’s heart and mind to parental wisdom and input.  Respect is wrought through reflective listening.  It is worth the time and often doesn’t take long once the child sees a pattern of sincere listening effort of the parent/parents.

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