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Kids Being Us

When I say Kids being us I am not saying they don’t have choices, I ‘m saying they are absorbing and responding to what they experience.  In another  post I wrote about “Who watches who the most”?  (kid Predicting Us)  that describes more about kids observing us. I think that kids not only learn our […]

Taming A Tantrum

How do you tame a tantrum?  First read Analysis of a Tantrum.   Kids are far more aware of your thinking and responses than you realize.   They know the backdoor to your thinking.  They can by pass your logic.  How ? Because they’ve checked out all of the ways in which you respond to them.  They […]

The Problem Should Offer The Solution!

Keep it simple!   The problem most of the time will suggest a solution.  For instance, If the problem is a child’s back talk then the solution is communication with respect.    If the problem is disobedience then solution is training and discipline.  If the problem is irresponsibility, the solution is a responsibility with accountability including consequences. […]

Acting “as if”..

Acting “as if” has the power to make or break the future.   When I believe the worst, I act “as if” the worst will happen.  I set up the cycle.   It’s about breaking patterns.   When I do relationship consultation I am usually focusing on the patterns. Parents get into patterns of how they respond or rather react. […]

The End, Middle and Beginning

“Begin with the end in mind” (Stephen Covey).   All things work best with a beginning, middle, and end.  It’s usually the end we remember the most.  You know it by the silence, yelling, anger, and frustration.  Unresolved issues typically progress into something bigger than a moment.  Frustration leads to  isolation which then may lead […]

Always Keep It Simple, Always

The problem may seem big but every problem is usually solved in small pieces.   When ever I do consulting,  parenting, supervision, I  try stick to the basics.   What small steps will bring order.?  Who is in control?  A simple practiced decision tree helps me cut through to the chase.   Simple questions such as…Who is […]