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The Problem Should Offer The Solution!

Keep it simple!   The problem most of the time will suggest a solution.  For instance, If the problem is a child’s back talk then the solution is communication with respect.    If the problem is disobedience then solution is training and discipline.  If the problem is irresponsibility, the solution is a responsibility with accountability including consequences.    If the problem is attention,the solution is the right quality and quantity time with  boundaries.   These are natural and logical.  They make sense to the child and you.

All of these with the right re enforcers will bring a solution. If you not have some resolution, you are probably not using the right solution,  you’re missing something or you’re still the process of what ‘s being worked on.  Patience is a must.  Time invested brings the results.

Sometimes I wonder if childrearing is more a discipline for the parent as a opposed to the child.  I have discovered my character improve through consistently seeking and pursuing resolutions for “our” family issues.  Yes, I mean, “We! Key-mo-sabeee!”

During their formative years, our children’s issues and needs are our most important focus or priority.  “We’re in this together” mentality is vital to avoid scapegoating and avoiding the childrens’ need.  Let’s make sure we are not becoming well trained in shifting blame and focus because our childrens’ training requires our attention a lot.

Taking Action:  My grandson was throwing down his his coat over and over so the solution was hanging it up over and over.  “Are we learning something here yet?” was his four year old response.  Yep!!!

Can’t keep your hands to yourself ..Hmm m… I guess you’ll have to keep your hands in your pocket for awhile.  ( Usually just a little longer than they  would prefer)

Can’t say the right thing,  then practice saying, writing, rehearsing the right thing.   Practicing the right thing makes it stick.

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