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Always Keep It Simple, Always

The problem may seem big but every problem is usually solved in small pieces.   When ever I do consulting,  parenting, supervision, I  try stick to the basics.   What small steps will bring order.?  Who is in control?  A simple practiced decision tree helps me cut through to the chase.   Simple questions such as…Who is […]

The Discipline Decision Tree

How do I decide what type action and or consequence is the next step… by the ability of the child to make a choice.     If a child can make choices then s/he can also be held accountable for the choices they make.    This may start with compliance to redirection.   How do you know when the […]

The 16 Most Important Minutes A Day !

If  you could value  moments of time that have a higher impact,  focus on 16  minutes broken into four segments.    Everything usually works best when it has a beginning, middle and end. including relationships.   These four minute segments in the day reinforce the presence and significance of a relationship.  They set  the staging […]

Natural Moments

Natural moments are those moments we encounter everyday during life.   We don ‘t have to create them to connect.   They are part of our routines, schedules and work.  If connecting happens by purpose then we look for natural moments.  Some natural moments are:  Moments of passing,  Moments of gathering,  Moments of work, Moments of play. […]

Todays Topic: Connecting

Parenting is about connecting. Connecting to the next generation and modeling how to connect is what healthy parenting is all about.    Most everyone wants to connect.   Kids want and need to connect to you even when they don’t act like it.  Today there will be many opportunities to connect.  We can just be together and […]

What Is HelpThru Parenting

Help Thru Parenting is a site designed to bring encouragement, support and interaction.   The Posts  will cover a host of topics regarding the daily life and learning of parents.  The goal is: short and sweet, useful now, and practical.   I will sometimes include the research and therapeutic intervention behind the thoughts and actions.    There […]